RITCA Invitational (RI) Results

Seniors Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) and Courtney Jacobsen (Toll Gate, Warwick, RI) both posted big improvements at the RITCA Invitational on Saturday. Colantonio posted an early national lead at the start of the month, but added another nearly four feet to his season’s best to easily capture the win. Jacobsen started the season with a new personal best which put her second nationally. But with another improvement of over a foot to win on Saturday, she overtook national leader Maddy Rabing (Lakeridge, Lake Oswego, OR). Meagan Malloy (Smithfield, Esmond, RI) also broke 50 feet for the first time to place second.

                          RITCA Invitational
                 Providence Career and Technical Academy
                            Providence, RI
                      Saturday   December 19, 2015

Boys Weight Throw (Top 15- 24 threw)
    Name                    Year School                  Finals   
  1 Colontonio, Bobby      SR Barrington          78-11.00   24.05m
  2 Briere, Jared          JR Woonsocket          67-00.50   20.43m
  3 Cote, Dilyn            JR Woonsocket          56-10.50   17.33m
  4 Matos, Adrian          JR Central             56-05.25   17.20m
  5 Goretoy, ivan          JR West Warwick        56-04.75   17.18m
  6 Greenless, Jacob       JR Woonsocket          56-01.75   17.11m
  7 Woodmansee, Raikwon    SO Woonsocket          53-04.00   16.25m
  8 Coppolino, Michael     SR Cumberland          52-07.75   16.04m
  9 Salako, Abraham        JR Bishop Hendricken   50-08.50   15.45m
 10 Straka, Chris          SR Rogers              49-11.50   15.22m
 11 Velez, Marvin          SR Central             49-01.00   14.96m
 12 Seonwoo, Eunki         SR Bishop Hendricken   48-06.00   14.78m
 13 Hoskins, Jason         SO Coventry            48-00.50   14.64m
 14 Ford, Colin            JR Middletown          46-00.25   14.02m
 15 Caulfield, Nicholas    JR Cumberland          45-06.50   13.88m

Winning Series:  Foul  73-08.00  78-11.00  Foul  72-00.50  75-04.00

Girls Weight Throw (Top 15 – 40 threw)
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  
  1 Jacobsen, Courtney     SR Toll Gate           53-03.50   16.24m
  2 Malloy, Meagan         SR Smithfield          50-00.00   15.24m
  3 Carmichael, Paige      JR Toll Gate           43-11.50   13.39m
  4 Mata, Joangely         SO Mt. Pleasant        43-08.50   13.32m
  5 Kelly, Annika          FR Barrington          43-03.50   13.19m
  6 Andrews, Samantha      JR Lincoln             42-11.50   13.09m
  7 Gauthier, Faye         SR West Warwick        42-10.75   13.07m
  8 Botts, Molly           JR Cranston East       40-07.75   12.38m
  9 Nguyen, Ruby           JR Coventry            39-09.75   12.13m
 10 Burns, Avrie           SO Hope                39-06.25   12.04m
 11 Dickinson, Rebecca     SR North Kingstown     39-04.50   12.00m
 12 Greene, Ajahnea        SO Rogers              38-03.00   11.65m
 13 Cruz, Morgan           SO West Warwick        37-10.50   11.54m
 14 Polando, Faith         SO Barrington          37-02.50   11.34m
 15 Yang, Chelsea          JR Pilgrim             37-00.50   11.29m

Winning Series: SFL, 47-10.50  48-11.25  49-05.50  52-02.25  53-03.50
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