Ask Martin Vol. 31: General Prep

Hey I was thinking about something that you said in your last Podcast. You said that at an elite level, nothing that is done in the weight room has very much positive correlation, which is of course one of the first things that you notice when you read Transfer of Training. Obviously, although there isn’t significant correlation of any single exercise once you reach an elite level, the thought must be that the entirety of the experience has some positive correlation or that there are benefits of weight training that are more indirect but still important. Is that the case? –Coach Dan


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2 replies
  1. Joe Burke
    Joe Burke says:

    There are 2 other benefits that could come from general exercises.

    General exercises can play a role in recovery. Dr. Bonderchuk mentioned this in his books

    Many athletes have specific strength deficits that affect their technique. Coaches can judiciously choose general strength exercises to work on the weaknesses.


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