HMMR Media is Coming to Portland

Good news everyone: we’re putting the band back together. Nick and I link up weekly to bring you the HMMR podcast, but we haven’t met up in person since we did a series of seminars in 2014. We are happy to announce we are putting together a new seminar in Portland next month.

Register now: find out the complete agenda and sign up now.

Come for the Athletics, Stay for the Seminar

Portland_squareFor throws coaches heading to the World Indoor Championships, this offers a great chance to add some education to the trip. The men’s and women’s shot put finals will take place on Friday and Saturday. With our seminar on Sunday we are giving you a chance to put a great cap on the weekend.

More than Just Throwing

Nick and I are best known as throwing coaches, but we have broad experience working with many sports in strength and conditioning. In working with these sports we see how the answers we have learned in the world of throwing apply elsewhere, as well as what ideas we can take from other sports and apply back to the same questions we face in throwing. These are questions like:

  • How to find transfer of training?
  • How to apply individualization?
  • What is specific strength and how to fit it into training?
  • How to balance change and consistency?
  • How to create your own process, rather than just a plan.

That’s the goal of this seminar: to bring together the core training principles that work in every sport and provide practical examples of how they can be applied in different settings. Joining us will also be new HMMR Media author and distance coach Jonathan Marcus to give examples of how he applies these principles in a different realm.

Register Now

With just three weeks until the event, don’t wait to register. You can sign up online now, as well as read the complete agenda and speaker bios. HMMR Media members also get a substantial discount.

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