My Story of Overtraining

You might have noticed that I felt quite passionate about the topic of overtraining syndrome (OTS) in last week’s blog. The reason for this is that I suffered with bouts of non-functional overreaching (NFO) and OTS throughout my career. I believe it stunted my progression within sport, at least for a period of 18 months, and it really was a miserable time for me. I’m eager to prevent other athletes from going through what I did, so here is my story.


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  1. Xavier Ibarreta DC
    Xavier Ibarreta DC says:

    Great post! Once an athlete realizes that basically everything in our life is stressful, then we can modulate stress to get our best performances. From a cardio perspective, yes there are studies that show body fat percentage above 7% can be detrimental from an energy perspective, but that’s really only for extreme cardio folks like a Contador, Froome ,etc. Power athletes should eat for power!


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