Sweeney & Headley Elite Performance Meets

A personal best from Adrian Matos (Central, Providence, RI) won at the Sweeney Elite Performance Meet in Providence on Saturday. He beat out a couple of other personal bests from Jody Harris (Central, Providence, RI) and Abraham Salako (Bishop Hendricken, Warwick, RI). Meanwhile, after a third place finish in New York on Friday, Courtney Jacobsen (Toll Gate, Warwick, RI) returned to Rhode Island to easily win the girl’s Headley Elite Performance Meet. In second place Chelsea Yang (Pilgrim, Warwick, RI) added nearly five feet to her best.


Boys Weight Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 Matos, Adrian JR Central 62-01.75 18.94m
2 Harris, Jody SR Central 59-10.50 18.24m
3 Salako, Abraham JR Bishop Hendricken 58-06.75 17.84m
4 Thibaudeau, Matthew SO Lincoln 54-01.50 16.49m
5 Corcoran, Aidan SO Bishop Hendricken 52-05.75 15.99m
6 Grivers, Evan SO Lincoln 50-02.75 15.30m
7 Hoskins, Jason SO Coventry 50-01.50 15.27m
8 Cabral, Alex JR West Warwick 49-05.75 15.08m
9 Cohen, Zeke JR Classical 48-11.50 14.92m


Girls Weight Throw
Name Year School Finals
1 Jacobsen, Courtney SR Toll Gate 53-10.75 16.42m
2 Yang, Chelsea JR Pilgrim 47-04.75 14.44m
3 Mata, Joangely SO Mt. Pleasant 46-10.75 14.29m
4 Gauthier, Faye SR West Warwick 45-10.25 13.97m
5 Armenakyan, Ani JR Toll Gate 45-02.00 13.76m
6 Carmichael, Paige SR Toll Gate 45-00.50 13.72m
7 Nguyen, Ruby JR Coventry 44-08.00 13.61m
8 Polando, Faith SO Barrington 43-03.25 13.18m
9 Andrews, Samantha JR Lincoln 41-05.25 12.63m
10 Iozzi, Jennifer SR Cranston West 41-02.25 12.55m
11 Dickinson, Rebecca SR North Kingstown 40-00.00 12.19m
11 Colbert, Alyssa SR Smithfield 40-00.00 12.19m
13 Gallo-Fusco, Jasmine JR Toll Gate 39-10.75 12.16m
14 Morris, Taylor SR Bay View 39-07.50 12.07m
15 Polando, Sydney FR Barrington 39-03.25 11.96m
16 Valdez, Nicole SO Hope 38-05.75 11.72m
17 Sieben, Megan SO Portsmouth 37-03.25 11.36m
18 Tarmey, Maggie JR Lincoln 36-09.50 11.21m
19 Greene, Ajahnea SO Rogers 36-06.50 11.13m
20 Kebbeh, Fatoumatta SR Smithfield 36-05.00 11.09m
21 Coble, Tiffany SR North Kingstown 36-03.75 11.06m
22 Fusco, Lea JR Coventry 36-03.50 11.06m
23 Fusco, Sophia SR North Kingstown 36-01.25 11.00m
24 Taft, Amanda SR Woonsocket 35-09.50 10.90m
25 Viera, Kate SO Moses Brown 35-09.00 10.89m
26 Ribeiro, Gabriela FR Woonsocket 35-07.50 10.85m
27 Anthes, Kaitlyn SR Mt. St. Charles 35-06.25 10.82m
28 Brazenor, Lindsay SR LaSalle Academy 35-05.75 10.81m
29 Zaniol, Kate SR Lincoln 35-03.50 10.75m
30 Butts, Samantha FR Woonsocket 34-02.50 10.42m

Note: Minimum distances were in effect for both of these meets.
Performances not meeting minimum distance were not recorded.

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