University of Kentucky High School Invitational Results

The Throw 1 Deep crew travelled north again this weekend for another indoor competition and swept the titles at the University of Kentucky High School Invitational. Isaiah Rogers (Campbell, Symrna, GA) captured the boys title by beating out Nick Lane (Bowling Green, OH) in a faceoff between the third and fourth best throwers in the nation. The girl’s competition featured three of the top five girls in the country with Kamryn Brinson (Marist, Atlanta, GA) coming out on top by nearly five feet. Carrol Pauley (Riverdale, Mount Blanchard, OH) and Shoshana Isis Trotman (Centerville, OH) placed second and third respectively.

           UK High School Invitational
                       Indoor Track & Field Meet                           
         Nutter Fieldhouse (291m) - Lexington,KY  - 2/20/2016              

 Boys Weight Throw
Fieldhouse HS: F 60-08.75  2015        Evan McCracken, Unattached                 
 2015 Winner:  * 60-08.75  2015        Evan McCracken, Unattached                
    Name                    Year School                  Finals          
  1 Rogers, Isaiah            SR Throw1Deep -GA     22.12m   72-07.00      
  2 Lane, Nick                JR Bowling Green -OH  21.73m   71-03.50      
  3 Frizzell, Tim             JR Hardin Valley-TN   18.72m   61-05.00      
  4 Loper, Jr, Madias         JR Throw1Deep -GA     17.53m   57-06.25      
  5 Judge, Jay                JR Throw1Deep -GA     17.53m   57-06.25      
  6 Kingsfield, Will          SR Throw1Deep -GA     17.16m   56-03.75      
  7 Woldeyohannes, Birook     SR Throw1Deep -GA     16.90m   55-05.50      
  8 Stanley, Jay              SR Unattached -KY     16.80m   55-01.50      
  9 Bertucci, Derek           JR L.I.F.T.  -Ind     16.65m   54-07.50      
 10 Hardin, Evan              JR Throw1Deep -GA     16.43m   53-11.00      
 11 Edge, Robert              SO Throw1Deep -GA     15.60m   51-02.25      
 12 Ricci, Nate               SO L.I.F.T.  -Ind     15.38m   50-05.50      
 13 Fineberg, Scott           SO Throw1Deep -GA     14.49m   47-06.50      
 14 Wonsley, Nate             SO Throw1Deep -GA     13.83m   45-04.50      
 15 Crisp, Spencer            SR Centerville -OH    12.92m   42-04.75      

Girls Weight Throw
FieldhouseHS: F 57-11.50  2015        Kaylee Antill, Dresden Tri-V              
 2015 Winner: * 57-11.50  2015        Kaylee Antill, Dresden Tri-V              
    Name                    Year School                  Finals          
  1 Brinson, Kamryn           SR Throw1Deep -GA     17.68m   58-00.25      
  2 Pauley, Carrol            JR Riverdale  -OH     16.31m   53-06.25      
  3 Trotman, Isis             SR Centerville -OH    16.11m   52-10.25      
  4 Walker, Sydnee            JR Throw1Deep -GA     15.53m   50-11.50      
  5 Artis, Grace              JR Throw1Deep -GA     14.64m   48-00.50      
  6 Meier, Emily              SR Unattached         14.33m   47-00.25      
  7 Williams, Milan           SR Throw1Deep -GA     13.99m   45-10.75      
  8 Lee, Madelyn              SR Throw1Deep -GA     13.96m   45-09.75      
  9 Reichert, Mikayla         SR Unattached         13.87m   45-06.25      
 10 Springs, Alycia           SR Unattached         13.73m   45-00.50      
 11 Griffin, Logan            SR Throw1Deep -GA     13.63m   44-08.75      
 12 Bowman, Camryn            JR Throw1Deep -GA     13.40m   43-11.75      
 13 Young, Kathleen           JR Unattached         13.18m   43-03.00      
 14 Simon, Reshanna           SR Centerville -OH    12.82m   42-00.75      
 15 Mallett, Shannah          FR Throw1Deep -GA     12.22m   40-01.25      
 16 Walker, Nazarin           SR Rivrdale Bapt-DC   11.73m   38-06.00      
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