Specific Exercises for the Javelin Throw

Over the past few years we have put together special strength videos for the hammer throw and shot put. With the help of Terry McHugh, I am glad to present some ideas for the javelin.


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2 replies
  1. Jeff Gorski
    Jeff Gorski says:

    Rather disappointing to see almost all the exercises are upper body/arm ones. Nothing for legs/hips or technical improvement?? This might as well been designed by a US football strength coach. it’s scary to see trunk work done w/ a bar on shoulders…. Yuriy Sedykh always told me that was very dangerous, due to the leverage of the bar length and ease that you can loose control. Plates in hand for trunk work seem to be best, and safest.

    • Martin Bingisser
      Martin Bingisser says:

      I can assure you Terry’s group has very well rounded training. That’s why he was able to stay injury free and at an elite level for two decades. These are just some ideas for coaches to get people thinking. Feel free to share some of your own ideas Jeff and add to the conversation.


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