GAINcast Episode 12: Innovation

In taking a page from the Silicon Valley playbook, sports performances teams worldwide are in search of the next way to innovate and disrupt their field. But when you look at the results in most cases people overthink innovation. This week’s episode looks at how coaches can implement the right change in their organization to bring about real improvements.

This Episode’s Question: How can coaches best implement innovation and change?

Like many things, change is about balance. On the one hand, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got. But on the other hand, if you change for change’s sake, it won’t help you improve.

If you're not changing you're not growing, but don't change just for change's sake. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet

The most effective innovation and change is often doing the simple things well.

“We have to look at what works. Gertrude Stein said ‘Truth is what works.’ We need to ask what needs to be changed? Where does innovation need to occur? If we can find a better more efficient way, that is where innovation comes in.”

If we can find a better more efficient way, that is where innovation comes in. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet

We also have to understand what has been done before so we can learn from others and see where we can fit change in the best:

“Everything old is new again. People have a poor understanding of what went on before . . . Identify who in your organization are more amenable to change and learn the culture of the sport before you try and force change on them.”

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