GAINcast Episode 17: Sport Demands

Understanding the demands of your sport is the first step in effective program design. On this episode Vern walks through his four-step process of defining sport demands and provides some practical examples from world-class coaches.

This Episode’s Question: How can coaches define and address the demands of their sport?

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A big issue is that many strength coaches simply take the same program and apply it across many sports:

'We are applying a general prescription across sports.' @coachgambetta Click To Tweet

Assessing the sport demands addresses this problem. It is both an easy and hard process. It’s easy because there are just a few steps. But each step can get quite complex as he shows in the diagram below.

“When you start it’s pretty simple: you look at the demands of the sport, the demands of the position/event, the qualities of the individual athlete, and the pattern of injuries. This helps you determine where you go with your training program.”


How do you know when you’ve done the correct assessment? It’s not just when you can answer all the questions, but when you start looking at the sport as a coach would:

“When I got involved in baseball I would sit there and watch the game with the scouts and coaches and I’d ask if they were watching the same game I was. What’s the prism through which you are watching the game?”

Ask yourself if you are watching the same game the coaches are. Then you know the sport's demands. Click To Tweet

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