GAINcast Episode 32: Reflections

This past weekend both Vern and Martin presented at Scottish Athletics National Coaching Conference in Glasgow. During the seminar they took a few minutes away to share some instant impressions on the seminars they had heard so far, including topics like distance training, youth athletic development, and more.

This Episode’s Question: What were some key takeaways from the 2016 Scottish Athletics National Coaching Conference?

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Under the leadership of performance manager Darren Ritchie, Scottish Athletics has developed and implemented a strong vision of both athletic and coaching development. Their annual coaching conference reflects that vision by bringing in speakers that can bring particular insight to different focus areas. The amount of preperation work going into the conference by Ritchie was evidenced by how you saw each presentation contributed to the overall philosophy of the federation. We heard the similar stories from different contexts, which emphasized each point.

Vern and I sat down part way through the conference to discuss some of those common themes that kept emerging. We started with a discussion of how athletes need to take ownership of the problems, even if it is “not my job.” That is the foundation of hte coaching program as coaches are now being asked to do the job that PE in schools used to do: basic physical literacy. We then just let the conversation flow from there. Below are some quotes from this episode. Check back to the GAINcast as next week we will post the conference’s closing roundatable discussion in its entirety.

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