HMMR Podcast Episode 85: Married to the Job (with Danny and Katie MacKey)

Professional running coach Danny Mackey of the Brooks Beasts is literally married to his job. As he wrote about on HMMR Media last year, his team includes his wife, elite middle distance runner Katie Mackey. On this week’s episode we sit down with Danny and Katie to discuss how they make the most of the set up, what they are striving to improve upon, and the key factors in building a team.

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To start off the podcast, Danny expanded on his article from last year, and Katie also provided a view from the other side of the relationship.

Not talking about work at home gets tested daily, but you need to have a break from work. Click To Tweet

Danny Mackey coaching his wife, Katie, at a training camp in Albequerque. Photo by Craig Fritz.

Mackey also talked about his shortcomings as a coach and how he is actively trying to improve them. Chief among them is creating a culture of accountability:

Making athletes accountable for small stuff doesn't make you a drill sergeant. @dtmack Click To Tweet Don't misinterpret flexibility for not having discipline. @dtmack Click To Tweet Accountability is a two-way street. Coaches also have to be accountable. @dtmack Click To Tweet

They also discussed the dynamics of building a team, racing tactics, and more:

Recruiting is not about selling, it's about presenting your program & letting athletes see fit. Click To Tweet We don't really develop a race plan. Instead we learn how to race. @dtmack Click To Tweet

At the end of the episode, Nick and I also added our own thoughts on the topic. To hear more, listen to the full episode above. Also be sure to subscribe to our podcast and review it on iTunes.

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