HMMR Podcast Episode 86: Simple Truths

The core fundamentals that guide our training are rarely the sexy things that will make us rich. Instead they are simple truths that simply work. On this episode Nick and I share some of the simple truths that make up the foundation of our training methods.

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On the episode Nick and I simply walk through some of the simple truths that we’ve found and keep coming back to. Here is a preview of some of mine
Sleep is the best recovery tool. @bingisser Click To Tweet

Staying healthy is the key to training. You cannot get better if you are not training. @bingisser Click To Tweet You reach perfection by chasing imperfection. The zone where you can fail is the zone where you learn. Click To Tweet

And a few of Nick’s:

You can't peak without a plan. @nick_g_garcia Click To Tweet Be sure to work all planes of movement each session. @nick_g_garcia Click To Tweet There is no reason to sue more than 5 reps for Olympic lifting. @nick_g_garcia Click To Tweet

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