Looking Back at 2016: Best Training Content

The past year was a busy one at HMMR Media with 97 new podcast episodes, 426 new posts, plus even more premium content for HMMR Plus members. Most important for us, we also added five new world-class coaches to our roster of writers: Nick Lumley, Jonathan Marcus, Danny Mackey, Sergej Litvinov and Bryan Mann. Combined they bring a variety of new viewpoints to the site from their backgrounds in endurance sports, rugby, and more.

As we do every year, we try to highlight some of our favorite posts from the past year over a variety of categories like athletic development, sports science, planning and periodization, throwing, podcasts and more. We have highlighted just a fraction of those below, but you can browse the rest in the archive section of each blog. A HMMR Media membership is required to read many of the articles in our archive, so if you haven’t joined yet it would be a perfect way to start the new year.

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Below are our five favorite 2016 episodes from each of our two podcasts.

The HMMR Podcast The GAINcast

Sports Science


Planning and Periodization

Athletic Development

Sport-Specific Training

  • Strength training should be closely linked with skill acquisition since, as Frans Bosch describes it, strength training is coordination training plus resistance. Last year I wrote about four points I learned from Bosch in this area.
  • An in-depth interview with Pat Connolly, coach of sprint Olympic champion and record holder Evelyn Ashford.
  • My own introduction to sport-specific training and why a strength reserve is not the solution to sports-specific training.
  • Motor learning is a key element in sports-specific training. Jason Young explains what we can learn about it by looking at how we learn to ride a bike.


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