GAINcast Episode 50: Serial Winning Coaches (with Sergio Lara-Bercial)

Sergio Lara-Bercial had a simple question he wanted answered: what makes serial winning coaches so successful. As a senior research fellow at the International Council for Coaching Excellence he was able to sit down with coaches who produce Olympic champions and record holders time and time again. In this episode he talks about his background, the project, and what lessons he learned from talking with the best coaches in the world.

This Episode’s Question: What makes serial winning coaches so successful?

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Sergio is a Senior Research Fellow for the International Council for Coaching Excellence and Leeds Beckett University. After a professional career as a basketball player in both Spain and England, Sergio coached high performance basketball for eight years in the English Women First Division and was a Team GB Coach for five years between 2005 and 2009, going to five European Championships. In 2008, he started working for Sports Coach UK consulting for governing bodies of sport and supporting them in the development of their coaches.

Much of our conversation discussed his work on serial winning coaches, how the research came about, the logistics of it, and, of course, the lessons learned. One area of focus was on what motivates these coaches:

Money doesn't motivate serial winning coaches. They're want to know they did their best. @SergioLaraUK Click To Tweet A motivator for many serial winning coaches is that want to win where they couldn't as an athlete. Click To Tweet

More recently he has focused on coaching education for coaching kids, a neglected area now:

Too often we coach kids like adults since that's all we know. @SergioLaraUK Click To Tweet

We also discussed his own background as a basketball coach and what he has learned working both with men’s and women’s teams.

Women make you a much better coach. They need to know a bit more about why they're doing things. Click To Tweet We try to motivate boys just by fighting, not by bonding. They need bonding too. @SergioLaraUK Click To Tweet

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