GAINcast Episode 53: American Football Then and Now

American football has undergone drastic change in the 50 years since Vern strapped on a helmet as a college lineman. New practice guidelines are finally trying to keep up with the changes to help protect players. But will they work? On this episode of the podcast we discuss how the sport is evolved and how practice must evolve with it.

This Episode’s Question: How does the evolution of football impact how practice should be organized?

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Throughout the episode Vern discusses examples of how the game of football and practice have changed over the past 50 years. We tend to think of the past as the good old days, but they were not always so good. In any event, it is clear that the sport has drastically changed.

Football has changed: rules, players, speed. Practice has to change with it. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet We want to keep players safe, but you can't forget it is still a contact sport. Click To Tweet New practice guidelines are focused on quantity of each practice element, not the quality. @bingisser Click To Tweet

For more about the evolution of football and our thoughts on how to change the game you can listen to the full episode above. If you like what you hear on the GAINcast, don’t forget to give us a review and subscribe on iTunes.

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