HMMR Podcast Episode 90: Method Man (with Bryan Mann)

Professor and practitioner Bryan Mann from the University of Missouri joins our episode for the third time to discuss turning ideas into methods. Many more coaches have now started to use velocity tracking devices, but how do you create a method out of it? Mann shares his thoughts, and also discusses the latest research on velocity-based training, new technology, his new book, and different methods to easily individualize training such as APRE.

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To start off the episode, Mann discussed the latest research on velocity-based training and the methods based on it:

Velocity loss can be used to gauge specific adaptations and selective hypertrophy. @jbryanmann Click To Tweet Research is showing that VBT can help athletes improve longer before reaching a plateau. @jbryanmann Click To Tweet People have swung too far on the pendulum for VBT. Who cares about bicep curl velocity? @jbryanmann Click To Tweet

Technology has also come a long ways over the past few years, but not all devices are created equal. Mann shares one simple tip for how to tell good technology from the bad.

Finally, we discussed autoregulatory progressive resistance exercise (APRE) as a training method and other ways to easily individualize training.

A good method can individualize without creating lots of extra work. APRE & VBT both do that. Click To Tweet APRE is just a different way to progress the load by looking at how the person adapts. @jbryanmann Click To Tweet

To hear more on these topics, listen to the full episode above. Also be sure to subscribe to our podcast and review it on iTunes.

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