Basic Speed Drills

It is only March and last week we already launched our fourth e-course of the year. Earlier this year we posted videos on periodization and planning trends, multi-jump progressions, and medicine ball routines. You can find them all and more in the HMMR Classroom. In our newest video, coach Joe McNab explains and demonstrates basic exercises and drills for sprinting.

Watch now: watch our latest e-course on basic speed drills in the HMMR Classroom.

Coach McNab is one of the top high school sprint coaches in the country. He has been a guest on our podcast and a guest presenter at our last seminar. More importantly, he produces results. As head track coach at Notre Dame High School he has produced four California state 100-meter champions, two state 200-meter champions, two state relay champions, ten CIF Southern Section team titles and one state team title. He knows a thing or two about getting young kids to move very fast.

In HMMR Media Classroom Lesson 6: Basic Speed coach McNab walks us through the basic speed, acceleration, and start drills he uses to help improve sprinting mechanics. The three-part video shows nearly 20 exercises and is available here exclusively to HMMR Plus members. So if you aren’t a member sign up now to get access to this and a wealth of other resources. And stay tuned in April for our next e-Course on more advanced speed work for field sport athletes with former Japan Rugby coach John Pryor.

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