Beyond the Bullsh*t: A Sneak Preview

There are just a few days left to sign up for our upcoming HMMR Media seminar in London at a discount. The event will take place May 20th with myself and John Kiely, but early registration ends on Friday. So sign up now and don’t miss out. Below you’ll find a sneak preview of some of the content.

Who Are These Guys?

John Kiely is a senior lecturer in elite performance at the University of Central Lancashire. In that role he advises a large group of graduate students and feels the pulse of current trends in research and practice. He brings extensive experience working with both team sports and individual sports. He was strength and conditioning support for Irish Rugby as well as head of strength and conditioning for UK Athletics, working with individuals like world champion and Olympic Silver medallist Phillips Idowu (triple jump) and 2013 squash world champion Laura Massaro. He also consult regularly for professional rugby and soccer clubs.

I founded this site, am co-host the HMMR Podcast and GAINcast, and have some skin in the game as Swiss national coach in the hammer throw. I have presented extensively throughout the home nations to professional rugby clubs and federations on periodisation and planning methods, best practices, and strategies.

What’s So Interesting About Periodisation?

Studying and teaching about periodisation is a passion project for both Kiely and me. The human body is a complex organism and getting it to adapt the way we want in the time frame we want is one of the most difficult tasks we have a as a coach. Below are a few resources that start to touch on the topics we will cover in the seminar:

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