Beyond the Bullsh*t is Back

Last year John Kiely and I put together an cutting edge seminar on periodisation, planning and performance in Limerick. Rather than just describing the latest and greatest periodisation plan, we discussed the process of planning for sports and how to truly get the most from you and your athletes. To my knowledge, it was the first seminar of its kind. It was well received and therefore we have decided to bring it to London this year.

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Periodisation is a complex topic and, unfortunately, the research on the topic gives coaches little to work with. Where are we supposed to start? Rather than throwing our hands up in the air, we present an overview of what science does tell us, and present successful planning strategies and detailed examples from both the world of sport and business to help coaches take the next step.

Want a preview? See our review and lessons learned from the first edition of the seminar.

What Will I Learn?

We still putting the finishing touches on our presentations and agenda, but we have already identified the clear questions we will address throughout the course of the day:

  • How did we get where to periodisation as we know it? What role did path dependence play in current periodisation models? Have the assumptions upon which periodisation was built changed so much that we need to rethink our approach?
  • How can we understand a complex process like adaptation? What are the biological and psycho-emotional dimensions of adaptation and how does that affect our planning processes?
  • What role does variation play in training and what strategies can help maximize its impact?
  • How should we think about training planning for this updated reality? How can simple solutions help solve complex problems, improve monitoring, educate athletes, enhance communication, and increase buy-in? How can we overcome mental biases that hinder progress? And how is a process different than a plan?
  • What are some practical examples from master coaches (and the presenters) in addressing this complex updated reality?

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