GAINcast Episode 54: On Target

Recently I published an article on HMMR Media discussing the role of specific strength exercises in team sports. It is a difficult question that I often get confronted with since I speak and write frequently about specific strength. Contrary to what many people thing, it is not about simply putting work into different categories in training. Good training is about making sure each element is on target, no matter its category. On this episode we talk about how to stay on target and how we often ignore on field training as a means of physical preparation.

This Episode’s Question: How can coaches assess whether every thing the athlete is doing is on target to their goals?

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In my article, I explained that finding the right balance of specific strength work isn’t about fitting things into categories. It’s about needing to focus on transfer.

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Next we discussed one of the core elements of the article: the need to use on-field tactical work to simultaneously work on the physical adaptations needed. This is an evolving area in sports planning and its very interesting to see the integrated approaches used by some top teams.

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At the end of the episode we also looked at an interesting question on how to put theory into practice. What do you do if the head coach is not on board with such a plan? How do you win them over?

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