GAINcast Episode 55: Technical Models

Technical models are often what we turn to when we develop an athlete’s technique. How do we develop models? And how do we adapt them to the athlete? On this week’s episode Vern looks at how technical models fit into training and what steps coaches need to take to get the most out of them.

This Episode’s Question: What role should a technical model play in technical development?

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The key point with technical models is that they are not one size fits all:

Fit the technical model to the athlete, not the athlete to the model. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet

As Vern always says, words create images and images create action. Therefore finding the right terminology is also important here:

Find your technical framework, not your technical model. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet A model is rigid, whereas a framework is a skeleton to be built upon. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet

Individual needs are therefore very important, and you need both science and the athlete to help in the search for individualization.

You have to understand fundamental biomechanics, but then weigh each factor for the individual. Click To Tweet Let the athlete find their own technique; learn through discovery. @bingisser Click To Tweet

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