GAINcast Episode 57: The Strength Coach & The Way of the Dinosaur

After a string of more hospitalized athletes, CBS took a look recently at the problems across collegiate strength and conditioning. Their findings point to certification as the problem. Certification is not the problem. The problem is deeper and requires us to analyze and define what our role as a coach is. On this week’s episode Vern discusses the issues with the profession and current certification programs, as well as how coaches education programs can be improved to address this.

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Cases like the one at Oregon recently makes us reflect on where things have gone wrong. Is it a isolated incident? Is it a sign of a trouble culture? The CBS article called for more certification, but, as we discuss in this episode, a different certificate would not have fixed the problem. The certification needs to be completely reworked if it is to add value to the field of athletic development. Here are some highlights from our discussion of where certification needs to go to fix some of the problems in strength and conditioning:

When you read about the latest S&C scandal, ask yourself: would more certification have prevented it? Click To Tweet The strength coach is not a punishment coach. Click To Tweet

We need certification, but first we need to define our role so we know what to certify. Click To Tweet The problem with S&C certifications now is that they do not focus enough on teaching. Click To Tweet

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