GAINcast Episode 58: Q&A

Most episodes are dedicated to the questions we are currently confronting, but this episode we’ve asked listeners what is on their mind and address several listener questions on topics like creating buy-in to athletic development, keeping an open mind as a coach, velocity-based training and more.

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We covered a variety of questions on topics such as those listed above and as well as long-term athlete development, stiffness, what we’ve learned in 2017, professional development, athleticism, and more. Here are some highlights:

Each training session is an opportunity to educate and connect training to the process and goal. Click To Tweet You keep an open mind by constantly analyzing what you're doing. Devote time to learning! Click To Tweet Beware of the echo chamber: surround yourself with people willing to ask you tough questions. Click To Tweet

What did you learn today? What are you going to learn tomorrow? @coachgambetta Click To Tweet Much of training is not just training the muscle, it also trains the tendons, CNS, etc. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet Athleticism is the ability to perform movements w/ precision style & grace in the context of your… Click To Tweet

To hear more discussion about these listener questions, you can listen to the full episode above. If you like what you hear on the GAINcast, don’t forget to give us a review and subscribe on iTunes.

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