HMMR Podcast Episode 92: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (with Derek Evely)

Variation is a core training concept, but we tend to think of it as a way to avoid accommodation. What if it is more? What if it is a tool to drive you forward? Few coaches think about how to use change strategically over the long-term and on this week’s episode we take an in depth look at some concepts related to change with our guest and good friend Derek Evely.

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Derek Evely is one of the top minds in the coaching world and is always seeking out to learn the latest methods and method makers. One topic he finds interesting is how change can stimulate progress. No matter the method, elite athletes often see a boost when they change coaches. If we can harness this power, it could add tremendous value to performance.

Change needs to be thought of as a tool. It can be used to help or hurt. Click To Tweet It's as much about change as what your are doing. Change can be a training stimulus. @eveltrak Click To Tweet Don't get attached to your training. Changing doesn't mean that what you did before was wrong. Click To Tweet

How you change things is still important though. Even when athletes see an initial surge in results from the new method, that is often followed by a regression. Therefore change needs to be planned.

There is a big difference between chaotic unregulated change and planned change. @eveltrak Click To Tweet Change means doing something new, but it still needs to transfer. Don't venture too far away. Click To Tweet

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