Fartlek Throwing

Typically distance runners have trained via two methods: either putting in the miles or running fast intervals. But, back in the 1930s, Swedish coach Gösta Holmér developed a new method called fartlek training that combined the two. The fartlek – Swedish for speed play – simply combined periods of fast running mixed with periods of slower running. It proved to be a quick success.


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  1. Tony Dziepak
    Tony Dziepak says:

    I select two weights of hammers with three large cones and two small cones. I throw the hammers in pairs and mark the throws of the heavy hammer with the small cones and the light hammers with the larger cones. After three sets of throws, all six cones are placed. To continue throwing, I have to move at least one cone out on each set. That means, I must throw at least as far as the third best throw with either hammer.


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