GAINCast Episode 60: It’s Not That Complicated

At the end of day, training comes down to a few core principles. Yet the complexity of the human body often cause us to lose focus of this and make training more complex than it needs to be in many cases. On this episode of the GAINcast we discuss the need to keep things simple and how to keep things simple.

This Episode’s Question: Why should coaches keep training simple?

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The episode was inspired by Al Carius, the North Central College cross country coach who has led his team to nearly 20 NCAA Division III titles. In a quote floating around last week, he discussed how we are making things too complicated:

“Whenever I am at a coaching clinic I am amazed at the seemingly overwhelming flow of new ideas about distance running; a sport that I always thought was very simple. What I am suggesting is that we in too many cases are over complicated the sport of running, and also other sports, drawing away from the simplicity, fun, and true meaning behind ‘playing’ sports . . . It’s not that complicated. If you have someone who is motivated, you can do just about anything in a workout and he will get better, and if you have someone who is not motivated, you can do almost anything in a workout and he will not get better. Keep it Simple.”

Every time we reanalyze our training, we tend to add something in. The result is that training becomes more and more complex when the simple solution often worked in the first place. Throughout the episode we discuss how simple works and why we need to stick to the simple in training:

Don't try to impress with complexity, try to impress with results. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet Just because we know it in more detail, doesn't mean we have to teach it in more detail. Click To Tweet Training is simple: motivated athletes improve significantly more than unmotivated athletes. Click To Tweet Overcomplexification is in most cases just a standization of disfunction. Click To Tweet

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