GAINcast Episode 62: Player Evaluations

With drafts for many professional sports taking place in the coming months for professional sports leagues in North America, it is a good time to take a look at how we evaluate players. Effectively evaluating a player is about more than measuring their performance, it is about learning about them from every angle and getting input from the entire coaching staff. On this week’s episode we discuss best practices in player evaluations.

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As mentioned above, you have to study the athlete from all perspectives, and many times the “intangibles” are the most important. Is the player willing to put in the extra work? Do they treat their teammates well? How do they take criticism? These are measurable qualities.

What many people call intangibles are actually highly tangible. You just have to look in depth. Click To Tweet If you don't figure out what an athlete can do, how will you make the best out of the athlete? Click To Tweet Avoid groupthink in player evaluations; formulate your opinion before you share your ideas. Click To Tweet

Don’t just evaluate players before working with them. Competition and training progress evaluations with an actionable outcome are even more important:

Evaluations should be visual, actionable, and looking beyond the numbers. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet If you have tests you with no value, get rid of them before they distract you. @bingisser Click To Tweet

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