HMMR Podcast Episode 102: Finding Transfer (with Mark Bennett)

Finding transfer can be a difficult task in field sports, where “performance” is a difficult concept to quantify. But just because it may be difficult to find doesn’t mean the search is fruitless. Mark Bennett joins English Rugby this summer as the head of sports science. He joins the podcast this week to discuss where his search for transfer has taken him over the course of his career as a player, coach, and sports scientist.


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Bennett brings a unique background to his new role. As a player he reached the highest level by representing Wales. As a strength and conditioning coach he worked for many professional clubs and also helped lead Wales to Six Nations Grand Slams in 2005 and 2008. Most recently he has been working as the Head of Performance for Bristol Rugby and helped them gain promotion to the English Premiership.

We started off the podcast with Bennett describing how he first came across the work of Yuri Verkoshansky and then Anatoli Bondarchuk in his search to create a more rugby-specific training plan.

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