GAINcast Episode 64: Odds and Ends

Over the past few months we’ve accumulated several small topics to discuss and haven’t had the time to jump into them. Well, now’s the time. On this week’s episode we discuss various odds and ends related to current events and training such as whether track and field records should be reset, the sub 2 hour marathon attempt, what makes master coaches stand out, and balancing variation and risk in training.

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The first topics tackled on this episode were the records reset debate and the recent sub 2 hour marathon attempt:

Leave the records as they are and use the resources to clean up the sport. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet Taking away records does not solve the problem of doping. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet People would engage more if we asked 'who is going to win?' rather than 'will there be a record?' Click To Tweet

We also discussed several training topics, including how to find the right balance of variation in training:

Anyone can do the work. The best do it with intent and purpose. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet You have to change even to stay the same. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet If you put something in, what are you going to take out? Nothing changes in isolation. @coachgambetta Click To Tweet

To hear more about these topics you can listen to the full episode above. If you like what you hear on the GAINcast, don’t forget to give us a review and subscribe on iTunes.

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The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

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