HMMR Podcast Episode 100: The Century

It has been two years since we started the HMMR Podcast and for our 100th episode we decided to switch things up a little. Rather than discuss training, we’ve invited on previous guests Dan Pfaff, Gary Winckler, Derek Evely, and Glenn McAtee to discuss some of the passions that drive outside of coaching as well as how that might connect to coaching.


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We’ve had a lot of great coaches on over the past 99 episodes and we were lucky enough to get a few back on the podcast this week for this special episode. Dan Pfaff discusses his passion for military history. Derek Evely discusses his music obsession. Glenn McAtee discusses welding and fishing. And Gary Winckler describes how he has become a premium saddle maker.

I'm always seeing parallels from military strategy to training, debriefing, and planning. @pfaffsc Click To Tweet We can learn from the military: mental resilience is not all about physical grind. @pfaffsc Click To Tweet Contingency is the essence of sport. It's about what you do to get back on track. @pfaffsc Click To Tweet

Good songwriting is like good coaching: it comes from sincerity and passion in what they do. @eveltrak Click To Tweet Animals can read our stress, so can athletes. They become afraid if they sense you are afraid. -Gary… Click To Tweet

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Further Reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

  • Time is running out to sign up for our upcoming seminar in London on May 20 with John Kiely and myself. We will discuss topics like periodization, performance, planning, and more in detail, including real world examples of smart planning in practice. Just this week we posted an interview with John to preview the topic. Registration and additional details can be found here.
  • Dan Pfaff was a guest on Episode 59, where he discussed the value of subjective feedback. In addition, we have done written interviews with him twice on the site: here and here. He is currently the head coach at Altis and can be found on Twitter at @PfaffSC.
  • One book recommended by Dan Pfaff on logistics and contingency planning: On War by Carl von Clausewitz.
  • Derek Evely was a guest on both Episode 3 and Episode 92. You can learn more from him on this site through his blog and written interviews with him here and here. He is also on Twitter at @eveltrak.
  • You can listen to the Jason Isbell interview Derek and I discussed on the New Yorker Radio Hour.
  • Glenn McAtee was previously our guest on Episode 43.
  • Gary Winckler was a guest on GAINcast 9. I also interviewed him for this site back in 2014. You can learn about his saddles here.
  • To learn about the passions that also drive Nick and me, listen to Episode 13.
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