HMMR Podcast Episode 101: Building Buy-In

The old saying goes that belief in a bad plan will be more effective than doubt in a good plan. The reason this saying lives on is because it is true: buy-in is one of the most critical factors in training. And while coaches often discuss it, rarely do they get down to the gritty details of how to actually establish it. On this week’s episode we look at building buy in and some thoughts spurred by Brett Bartholomew’s new book Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In.

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To begin the episode we discussed what exactly buy-in is and why it is important. Buy-in starts with relationships. It is about trust: athletes must trust the coaches to guide them to the right destination.

'Relationships are critical to buy-in . . . That's all buy-in really is: trust.' @Coach_BrettB Click To Tweet Buy-in is not just about what the coach does, but about how the overall environment is set up. Click To Tweet

According to Bartholomew, the first step in building buy is to know yourself as a coach. We started the podcast by taking a look at ourself:

If you have no passion, you have no chance. @bingisser Click To Tweet If you don't know what drives you, how can you possibly ou instill that drive in others? @bingisser Click To Tweet

The next step is understand the athlete and build that relationship through strong understanding, communication and more.

Conflicts don't create problems; conflict management issues create problems. @Coach_BrettB Click To Tweet Once a coach shows you he cares, you have no choice but to buy in. @nick_g_garcia Click To Tweet

To learn more about buy-in, listen to the full episode above. Also be sure to subscribe to our podcast and review it on iTunes.

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