HMMR Podcast Episode 103: It’s Rant Time Again

A few times a year we have to let off some steam and it’s that time again. On this week’s episode we discuss a few rants such as why we keep worshipping doped athletes, marathon weight room session, and why equipment companies need focus on selling old stereotypes rather than innovative ideas.

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Here aer some highlights from this week’s episode:

We keep putting historic throwers on a pedestal when we know they doped. They're cheaters not heroes. Click To Tweet Doping has skewed what we think is possible clean. Open your mind to what we can accomplish clean. Click To Tweet

If your weight sessions are taking 2 hours you're not being efficient. Get in & get out to get gainz. Click To Tweet Equipment companies are innovative, so why do they rely on marketing strength cliches. Click To Tweet

To hear more about these rants, listen to the full episode above. Also be sure to subscribe to our podcast and review it on iTunes.

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