HMMR Podcast Episode 104: Breaking Down Sports

Working with a new sport or athlete requires that you understand what they are working towards; the coach has to break down and analysis the needs of that sport. This is the first step in creating a sport-specific plan. On this episode of the podcast Nick and I share our process for analyzing a sport and walk through each element step-by-step.

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Both Nick and Myself started off the episode by going through the key factors we look for when analyzing a new sport:

Analyze a sport for it's performed on 1 or 2 legs, how bodyweight is handled + need for… Click To Tweet When looking at a sport, identify what sets the best players apart. What are the difference makers? Click To Tweet

In addition, we discussed how the results morph into a specific plan that is still in line with our overarching philosophy:

Developing a foundation and specific training do not have to be mutually exclusive. @bingisser Click To Tweet I've said it before: train toenail to fingernail. Work the body and work it together. @Nick_g_garcia Click To Tweet

We also tackled another listener question on box jumps:

Use exercises for the right reason. Do you do box jumps to help athletes or look cool on social media? Click To Tweet

To hear more about defining a sport’s needs, listen to the full episode above. Also be sure to subscribe to our podcast and review it on iTunes.

Further Reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

  • Don’t miss out on all the great content we have on HMMR Media. Join HMMR Plus now to get full access to the site, including webinars on a wide variety of topics, online meetups, articles, our sports science newsletter, and more.
  • For more on this topic, listen to GAINcast 17, where Vern discussed how to break down the demands of a sport.
  • One sub topic we covered was developing strength and robustness. To learn more about how jumps, rather than traditional strength training, can be used to develop robustness, watch our webinar on the topic or listen to GAINcast 49 for an interview with Bill Knowles.
  • Our other webinars on warming up, med ball routines, and basic speed development were also referenced in the episode and available to HMMR Plus members.
  • Continuing on the topic of strength, we referenced this article advocating more strength and less skills training for youth athletes. Two years ago Nick wrote about how one of his athletes is a great counter example to this approach.
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