GAINcast Episode 67: Periodization Trends (with Dave Tenney)

All eyes look towards Europe in the soccer world and if you look close enough you will see there are some interesting team sports planning trends gaining momentum. As the High Performance Director for the MLS champions Seattle Sounders FC, Dave Tenney has tried to keep his team on the cutting edge and has looked closely at the new models emerging from Europe. On this episode, we have a discussion with Tenney about the direction periodization is headed and how he has seen successful solutions implemented at various clubs.

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Soccer has a reputation, but they have been one of the most forward thinking sports in terms of holistic planning. Some of the most innovative ideas in coaching and strength and conditioning are coming from European soccer and Dave Tenney has sought out the best coaches to learn first hand what is being done. Searching for a new solution started with asking a simple question:

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Tactical periodization and other new planning methods have more in common than you might realize. They are about managing the complexity of sport in an efficient manner:

When you talk about new planning methods, the main element is being very efficient with your time. Click To Tweet Holistic planning starts with destroying the silos on your team. Click To Tweet

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