GAINcast Episode 69: Long-Term Development (with Patrick McHugh)

At North Shore Country Day School students range from age 4 to 18. As athletic director, Patrick McHugh has had a chance to put in place a truly long-term athletic development process. The key word there is process: long-term development is not a model, but a process that is never linear. On this episode he talked about his philosophy and more.

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McHugh is the athletic director and track coach at North Shore Country Day School in Winnetka, Illinois. On the theme of long-term development we discussed his overall philosophy, developing intrinsic motivation in athletes, minimum effective dose, and more. Here are some highlights:

When you understand the craft of coaching, one person can have on so many kids. @patmchughAD Click To Tweet Coaching is about thinking outside the box to solve problems. It never goes smoothly. @patmchughAD Click To Tweet

Internal motivation is superior to external motivation. @patmchughAD Click To Tweet Don’t assume you have to do a certain level of work to get an adaptation. @patmchughAD Click To Tweet There’s nothing like sharing something you love with your child, but it comes with ups and downs. Click To Tweet

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