GAINcast Episode 70: Peak Performance Part 1 (with Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness)

What does it take to reach peak performance in sport or in life? The new book Peak Performance by Steve Magness and Brad Stulberg attempts to answer this question and on this week’s GAINcast they join us for the first part of an interview on the topic where we discuss the stress-growth formula, productivity strategies like single-tasking, and more.

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Madness and Stulberg’s new book is based on science, but as they like to say they are aiming for real science, not bro science. Throughout the book they bring science to life with examples of how research shows that simple concepts can contribute to peak performance. Here are some highlights:

No routine is effective for everyone, but each person can their own. Click To Tweet Stress isn’t necessarily bad, it’s how we deal with it that can be. Click To Tweet

Good performers can multi-task. Top performers can single task and focus on one thing. Click To Tweet Multi-tasking feels like you’re doing twice as much, but you’re really doing half as much. Click To Tweet Top performers are good at up regulating and down regulating what matters. Click To Tweet

To hear more about these topics you can listen to the full episode above. And tune in next week for part 2, where we discuss how skills come from struggle, sleep, how much thought is needed to perform, and more. If you like what you hear on the GAINcast, don’t forget to give us a review and subscribe on iTunes.

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