HMMR Podcast Episode 106: Parenting Athletes

Whether they want to or not, parents play a large role in determine the success of their children. Part of this is in the genes they pass on, but a bigger part is in how they raise and nurture their children. On this episode of the podcast we take a look at the topic from the coach’s perspective: how do we see parents best helping their child’s success. Plus, we include an excerpt on the topic from an upcoming GAINcast episode with Steve Magness and Brad Stulberg.

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This episode is not about telling people how to parent. Instead we share some suggestions based on what we have seen work well.

Give your child what they need and step away. Coaches shouldn't tell parents how to do their job. Click To Tweet Before you go complain to the coach, see if your kid is doing everything they can first. Click To Tweet

The coach is the coach, you start openly questioning that, you undermine their process. Click To Tweet Skills come from struggle. Give children increasingly difficult problems to solve. Click To Tweet

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