HMMR Podcast Episode 108: GAINz

Earlier this month Nick and I made the annual pilgrimage out to Vern Gambetta’s GAIN event in Houston. With leading coaches and specialists from a wide variety of fields, it was a great idea to exchange ideas about training with faculty members like John Pryor, Steve Magness, Bill Knowles, Jimmy Radcliffe, Michael Joyner, Vern Gambetta, and more. On this episode of the podcast we discuss the highlights and take aways from each day of the event.

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This episode is organized chronologically. At the end of each day, Nick and I sat down together, went through our notes, and discussed each presentation and what we took away from it. Some highlights include:

Doing more isn't just about more volume. Use other methods to create similar effects. @stevemagness Click To Tweet 'I don't hate the weight room, I hate what we do in it.' -Steve Myrland Click To Tweet

Watch how athletes move in the sport. Sprint tests don't reveal how they can move and perform. @fit3k Click To Tweet With reconditioning you find out what the athlete can do and build off of that. @billknowles_hps Click To Tweet The biggest mistakes often come when we mean well and do too much of something.' -Jimmy Radcliffe Click To Tweet

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