GAINcast Episode 72: Voices of GAIN

Some of the world’s leading coaches make up the faculty at GAIN each year, but there are even more world-class coaches are in attendance. On this week’s episode of the GAINcast we wanted to take a chance to hear those other voices. We sat down for a quick chat with coaches like Greg Gatz (UNC), Darren Ritchie (Scottish Athletics), Nick Hill, Vinny Comiskey (Navy), and Dan Nobel (Hill Academy).

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All five coaches on this week’s episode have top-level experience, but come from diverse fields. They work with youth athletes and in the collegiate system. They also work with professional athletes and the military. They are athletic development coaches, skill coaches, and an athletic trainer. GAIN is about bring together these varied backgrounds to create a conversation. Here are some highlights from this week’s episode.

You have to change your communication or redefine the message in new situations. @nh_coaching_ Click To Tweet We have a ranking after each practice to keep the team accountable. -Greg Gatz Click To Tweet

The key mindset is not doing something simply because it's always been done that way. @coachnoble45 Click To Tweet Athletes need foundational physical competency to do the technical stuff. @langleap Click To Tweet

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Further Reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

  • Don’t forget to join HMMR Plus. Sign up and get access to numerous webinars, online meetups, articles, our sports science newsletter, and more. We are also brought to you by GAIN. GAIN Swimming will take place in September. Learn more about it here.
  • The opening presentation from GAIN 2017 is also streamed free on Facebook. You can view it here.
  • Most of the coaches from today’s episode are on social media. On Twitter you can find Dan Noble (@coachnoble45), Darren Ritchie (@langleap), and Nick Hill (@nh_coaching_). You can also read Nick’s blog on his webpage.
  • Ritchie discussed the influence of Kelvin Giles on his career. You can learn more about Giles on Episode 87 of the HMMR Podcast. We also did a live GAINcast from the Scottish Athletics Coaching Conference last year. Information on the 2017 conference can be found here.
  • For more about the presentations at GAIN, listen to GAINcast 108 where Nick and I break down what we learned.
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