GAINcast Episode 73: Being Present

Everyone talks about staying in the moment, but few people say how easy it is to fall out of it. Recently the HMMR Podcast discussed how athletes can avoid distractions in training. Coaches can face even more distractions and, as they are not playing the game, it can be even harder to stay present. On this episode of the GAINcast we look at how coaches can help stay present.

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To start with, we discussed some tips from Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon. On his lineup card during the world series he made a series of notes to himself. We dissect them as an example of best practices.

Be present, not perfect. Click To Tweet Do not permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure. Click To Tweet Do simple better. Click To Tweet

In addition, we discuss how coaches can keep their focus:

The best coaches can find ways to keep themselves focused. @bingisser Click To Tweet Start the day on offense. Set your own agenda for the day. @WadeWgilbert Click To Tweet Stick to the process, don't worry about the results. Click To Tweet

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