HMMR Podcast Episode 109: Staying Focused (with Nick Folker)

Technology is often presented as a way to make coaching more efficient, but more often than not it just provides us with another distraction. As an elite coach and founder of tech start up BridgeAthletic, Nick Folker has looked at this issue from many angles. He joins us on this week’s podcast to discuss how coaches can get technology to help us do our jobs better. Plus he shares simple tips on how to minimize the downsides of technology.


BridgeAthletic builds high-performance training tools for coaches, trainers, physical therapists, and athletes who strive to achieve their potential. The integrated BridgeAthletic platform leverages the power of technology to revolutionize the way performance programs are created, delivered, and tracked. Learn more about Bridge at the start of the episode or by visiting their webpage.

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To start off the episode we asked if coaches are negligent if they choose to ignore trends in technology:

The next generation of athletes communicates different than we did. We have to adapt. @trainfasst Click To Tweet As teaching moves towards technology, coaches should follow. Coaching is teaching. @nick_g_garcia Click To Tweet

We all agree technology brings some great tools, but for the next topic we dove into how to fix some of the downsides that technology brings too:

Being distracted isn't the phone's fault. Distraction is as much caused by the user as the technology. Click To Tweet If your athletes can't stay focused, you as a coach need to do a better job to engage them.… Click To Tweet

We also discussed some rules of thumb for what technology to use in training:

Technology should save you time, not take your time. @bingisser Click To Tweet The best gauge for judging technology is what sticks around. @trainfasst Click To Tweet

To hear more on this topic, listen to the full episode above. Also be sure to subscribe to our podcast and review it on iTunes.

Further Reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

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