HMMR Podcast Episode 111: Go Your Own Way (with Dan Noble)

Over the last dozen years Dan Noble has helped transform the Hill Academy from a brand new school to one of the top performing high schools in North America. How has he done it? By forging his own path and rethinking what has always been done in sports like hockey, football, and lacrosse. On this episode of the podcast he joins us to discuss what made him rethink his philosophy, how he went about integrating ideas from Frans Bosch and Vern Gambetta, and what he does to get the most from training through better organization.

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Highlights and Quotes

Coach Noble has been the Director of Athlete Performance & Physical Education at the Hill Academy in Canada since 2005. In addition, he also runs Noble Sports & Performance where he has coached numerous professional hockey players and the Chinese Women’s National Ice Hockey Program.

Trying Something New

Noble started out his career with a traditional strength-first mindset, but that changed as he gained more experience. In the episode he explains why that was the case and also how he has taken and integrated concepts from Frans Bosch and Vern Gambetta in training, and how he has tried to combine different ideas to make his own unique approach.

Organize Your Training

In addition, as his career progressed he started to rethink the standard linear approach to planning and instead focus more on the specific objectives they were looking to achieve.

Becoming a Better Coach

At GAIN Dan talked about his method of connecting with athletes and we also discussing this point.

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