HMMR Podcast Episode 112: Win Like A Tar Heel (with Greg Gatz and Jonas Sahratian)

Every year the University of North Carolina ranks among the top universities in the Director’s Cup race, given to the university with the most overall success across all sports. They have a track record of producing repeat champions in team sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse. On this week’s podcast Greg Gatz (Director of Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Sports) and Jonas Sahratian (Head Strength & Conditioning, Men’s Basketball) join us to discuss how their culture and approach to training have contributed to a culture of success.


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Highlights and Quotes

Gatz’s staff oversees 21 different teams including the highly successful soccer, lacrosse, and baseball. Since joining North Carolina the men’s and women’s soccer teams have won a combined 9 NCAA titles, baseball appeared in six College World Series over the past 10 years, and lacrosse won the 2016 NCAA Championship. Sahratian came to North Carolina in 2003, making the move from Kansas with head coach Roy Williams. Since then the team has won three NCAA title and made five NCAA Final Foul appearances. As you can see, the winning tradition is strong at North Carolina across many sports. In this episode we discussed both that culture, and some of key issues faced in the NCAA setting.

A Culture of Success
  • 10:45 – Why Texas BBQ beats Carolina BBQ.
  • 13:00 – The UNC culture of success, its core values, and how it is sustained.
  • 17:00 – Leadership and culture: “Leadership comes from the top, it doesn’t trickle up from the bottom. ” and “Dean Smith said play hard and play smart. Coach Williams added play together.
  • Strength and Conditioning at the NCAA Level

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