GAINcast Episode 79: Talent Development

On last week’s GAINcast we looked at best practices in talent identification. But as we said, talent identification means nothing without talent development. On this week’s episode we dive deeper into talent development and look at how to best put a system in place that gets the most out of the talent you have identified. After all, talent only equals potential, not success.

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Highlights and Quotes

Throughout this episode we covered talent development from several different angles. We started by putting talent development in perspective, then put it in context using some case studies and discussing various talent development models.

Talent development in perspective
Case Studies in talent development
  • 14:15 – Case studies: Olympic decathlon champion Bob Mathias and Olympic javelin champion Keshorn Walcott.
  • 17:30 – Centralization and how an organization or federation can better support talent development.
  • 19:15 – “Talent development should look at the whole person, not just physical development.”
  • 21:00 – “You need to grow the coach along with the athlete. ” “Don’t let the coach’s limitations hold back the athlete, but the solution is to upscale the coach.”
  • 22:45 – Understanding the differences between biological maturity, chronological age, and cognitive development.
Talent development models
  • 23:45 – The maturation model and the California Interscholastic Federation’s exponents system.
  • 26:00 – The bio-banding model.
  • 28:30 – The Australian Institute of Sports FTEM approach: Foundations, Talent, Elite, Mastery. With the FTEM model age boundaries are largely arbitrary and provisions for transfer from one sport to another.
  • 31:30 – The Swiss talent development approach and comparing it to school-based sports programs in America.
  • 35:00 – “Physical education is the basis for talent development. Provide opportunity for more play and less structure.

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