HMMR Podcast Episode 116: Throws Dawg (with Don Babbitt)

Don Babbitt has developed a name as one of the top throws coaches in the world after guiding athletes like Reese Hoffa, Adam Nelson, Breaux Greer, Jason Tunks, and Andras Haklits. Recently he’s been involved with a number of projects in the throwing world like leading a rotational shot put project in Japan, analyzing throwing development in the US, and work with Koji Murofushi to research specific strength exercises like “hammerobics.” On this week’s podcast Babbitt joins us to brainstorm about what’s on his mind recently.

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In addition to an impressive list of professional athletes, coach Babbitt is the associate head coach at the University of George, where he has also produced over 50 NCAA All-Americans and 11 NCAA champions across all four throwing events. And he is heavily involved in coaches education as Senior Editor for the IAAF Coaches Education Program and Lead Lecturer for the throws. Due to his wide-ranging background, the interview covered several different areas.

Developing Throwers

Spin vs. glide
Specific strength and “hammerobics”
Coaching trees

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