HMMR Podcast Episode 119: Conscious Career Planning (with Brett Bartholomew)

This year Brett Bartholomew wrote a great book about conscious coaching and building buy-in. Communication is just one area coaches need to be conscious about. Another area is career planning and development. On this episode Bartholomew joins us to discuss a variety of topics about how to become a better coach, make tough career decisions, learning online, and more.

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Notes and Quotes

Coaches can often get caught in the cycle of following the lead. Becoming a better coach and getting the most from your career requires you to think independently, develop your own plan, and often doing what you hate. Bartholomew shares his thoughts on how you can progress as a coach in a variety of ways.

Becoming a better coach
Making the tough decision
  • 15:00 – Taking the first step. “Adapting is not the same as selling out. Selling out happens when values are compromised due to ego and greed, not because you want to create an opportunity.”
  • 18:30 – How making the decision not to do something can be harder.
  • 20:30 – The art of negotiation.
Learning online
Take home messages for coaches

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