GAINcast Episode 88: After the Test (with Ola Eriksrud)

Norwegian coach and researcher Ola Eriksrud is a master at creating innovative testing portfolios. What sets his testing apart is not just what he tests, but how the tests fit into the broader training process. Testing is just the first layer in the process and in order for the test to be helpful, information learned from testing has to be actionable. On this episode of the podcast Eriksrud walks us through some of his approach to testing and also discusses various aspects of coordination such as dynamic postural control, core training, and hamstrings.

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Notes and Quotes

Eriksrud is a lecturer of biomechanics and motor control at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. In addition he also is the head of Research and Development for 1080 Motion (a sponsor of GAIN) and assists athletes at the Norwegian Olympic Sport Center. In this episode we covered testing and various topics related to coordination.

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Further Reading

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  • You can find Eriksrud on Twitter at @olaathletic1080.
  • Eriksrud’s research and papers can be found on Research Gate.
  • We also referenced GAINcast 35 with baseball coach Paul Davis on this episode.