HMMR Podcast Episode 124: A Dollar A Day (with Bill Knowles)

Bill Knowles has developed a reputation as the top return to play specialist in the game. But reducing the impact of injuries starts before the injury even occurs. Dating back to his time as a ski coach he learned how a proper athletic development program can reduce injuries before they even occur and make athletes better in the process. On this episode of the podcast, Knowles joins us to discuss how he integrates doses of athletic development into training for soccer and examples of how he uses randomness as a tool to develop stiffness and more robust athletes.

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Notes and Quotes

Knowles currently works as Director of Reconditioning and Athletic Development for HP Sports in the Philadelphia area. In this role he is heavily involved with in designing the athletic development prorams for both the Philadelphia Union Academy and the Philadelphia Union MLS team. He also provides intensive reconditioning programs to world-class players across every major professional sports league returning from injury. He honed his skills working as an athletic trainer and athletic development coach in skiing for over 20 years.

We focussed on two main topics in this episode. To start with we discussed how coaches can be effificient and integrate athletic development elements into training on a consistent basis, and the benefits that this brings. Later in the episode we looked at Knowles broader philosophy of athletic development and some of the tools he uses for creating robust athletes.

Integrating athlete development into training
How randomness can create more robust athletes

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