HMMR Podcast Episode 129: Triphasic Training (with Cal Dietz)

Over the last five years, University of Minnesota coach Cal Dietz has reinvigorated interest in training methods such as eccentric and isometric lifting and the French contrast through his Triphasic Training Manual. On this week’s podcast, Dietz joins us to discuss the method, how it can be individualized, and his recently released edition for throwers.

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Notes and Quotes

Dietz currently works as Head Olympic Strength and Conditioning at the University of Minnesota. In that role he has worked with nearly every sport on campus, and is especially known for his work with hockey players.

We started off the episode talking about the triphasic method, then discussed individualization, putting the method into practice, and more.

The triphasic method
Indiviualization and sports-specific training
Putting it in practice

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