GAINcast Episode 95: Endurance Planning (with John Larralde)

Over the past month we’ve run a series on endurance training, first discussing concepts and methods and then outlining the basics of athletic development for endurance athletes. On this week’s podcast we bring the conversation full circle to discuss how to bring it all together with coach John Larralde. Larralde shares examples of how he has used different methods with different athletes from different athletes can produce top results.

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Notes and Quotes

John Larralde has worked a variety of high schools and colleges in California over the past few decades, producing champions at multiple levels. Most notably, he is one of the few coaches to have led two athletes to California state tiles in the mile, a rare feet in a state where all schools compete in one unified championship. He discusses his background, what has changed over the past few decades, putting a plan together, and how to match that to the individual.

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Further Reading

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